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Deluxe Alarms provides the best in home alarm systems to protect your home, family and loved ones. With over a decade of know-how, we are the business families in the greater Toronto and surround areas have trusted for years to keep their homes and families protected. Never worry about your safety when you can have peace of mind delivered with Deluxe Alarms home security. When it comes to your home alarm, you can count on Deluxe Alarms to provide complete 24/7 safety.

Built into our service is the latest in home monitoring systems. We include emergency notification for your home with a fast response time for any kind of emergency from a prowler in your house to an unanticipated flood while you are away from home.

Our home security alarm systems may also provide peace of mind with our special medical alert system. If you or a loved one is home alone with a health condition or at an age where the ability to call for help could be critical, we can help. This state of the art medical assistance system can aid anyone recovering from illness or facing lost mobility from aging to stay independent but always within reach of medical assistance. It can mean being able to enjoy life to the fullest and still have help available in an instant when needed.

Deluxe Alarms can create the right security package for your home. We offer complete home wiring packages, cell phone connections that allow you to monitor your homes safety from a distance (smart home monitoring), and security certificates that will bring your home insurance down and a wireless security system that works independent of the power grid to keep your home secure even in blackout conditions. We can deliver a home alarm security system for the best security money can buy at an affordable price only from Deluxe Alarms.

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